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SEO 2015

SEO 2015 – Top 10 Strategies You Should Follow

SEO 2015

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) is an activity that is conducted so as to make a website rank high in the results of search engine queries. It is widely known that most people surfing the internet only look at the first page of results. As such, it is very important to get one’s website on this first page if you want many people visiting your site. SEO will help you to do that. There are various techniques that are conducted in the process of SEO. They work together to ensure that your website ranks high. Read on to find out the top SEO strategies that you should implement in 2015.

#1. Perform SEO optimization for mobile searching too

Technological advances have made it possible for mobile phones to surf the Internet just like a computer would. Known as smartphones, these devices have all the capabilities of a computer. Thus, many people all over the world have adopted making use of these devices to search for information online. 80% of all adults across the globe have smartphones. This means that if you have a company website, it is very important to optimize it so that it can load quickly in smartphones and tablets. This means that your website needs to be a responsive one. This is a type of website that will load quickly in any type of mobile device display without glitches or taking too much time. As such, as you perform SEO optimization, focus on establishing searchability from mobile devices too. One effect of having a responsive website is that it is ranked higher than standard websites in the search results. Thus, if you have a standard site, move to a responsive one so as to capture mobile traffic as well.

#2. Include a variety of keywords in your SEO efforts

Normally, optimization experts have focused on one keyword. This has been working but in 2015, one needs to include more keywords so as to rank high in results. You can perform research on keywords that are relevant to your website and your sector in industry. Online tools such as Rank Tracker have a feature known as  Suggest Keywords’. This feature can help you to find out some keywords that are perfect for your SEO efforts. Then you can place these keywords in your page updating and when you are creating content for your pages. Moreover, you can use them when you are performing text anchoring.

#3. Make use of social media

Millions of people log into their social media pages every day. Thus, to ensure that your website is easily found in search results, you should also be active in social media and post links to your website. Examples of social sites are Facebook, Tagged and Twitter. You can create a page about your company and post information that will attract readers to the page. Ensure that you post links to your website in these social pages. The readers will use these links to connect to your site from the social sites. To see the searchability of your social media content, simply do a search of your website in a search engine. You should see your page come up first in the results. It will then be followed by your social media pages indicating up to date posts and reader activity as well.

#4. Figure out your SEO goals and stick to them

SEO involves many activities. These can involve detailing the smallest characteristics of your website’s performance. These activities can give you information about the performance of each page. However, you don’t have to worry too much about this in 2015. Take a breath and observe if your SEO efforts are within the goals that you had set for them. If all is still on track, then your website is performing well, simple.

#5. Long tail SEO is still important

When inserting keyword phrases in your website content, it is crucial to first of all figure out what your customers want. For example, if you are a company in the business of providing organic juices, you can include a keyword phrase such as daily organic apple juice’ in your text. This will help your website rank high if an Internet user types this exact phrase in the search box. Since the user knows exactly what they want, when you rank high you have a high chance of converting the lead into a sale. Thus, as you perform SEO in 2015, combine the short keywords with the long tail keywords.

#6. Ensure that you partner with reputable sites to increase inbound traffic

Inbound links are still very important in SEO. They are valuable because if your website has many inbound links from high quality websites then it will be ranked even higher in the search results. Essentially, these links are extremely valuable. In 2015, you must ensure that you increase their number. Approach webmasters who own high traffic websites and pitch yours to them. When they place your link in their sites, you will have a healthy network of inbound links that will boost your ranking.

#7. Ensure that your keywords describe your website content

Content marketing is very popular in 2015. Search engines are looking for websites that have high quality content and not just high quantity of keywords. As such, make sure you embed your keywords within pages that have high quality informative content. This will boost your rankings in the search results.

#8. Maximize the user experience (UX) in your site

In 2015, there is a lot of focus on UX in websites. It not enough to have high quality content in your websites. You also need to have web pages that are easy to navigate. It should be easy for a user to find the information that they are searching for in your website. When your website has high quality UX, the visitors are likely to stay longer and make a purchase too.

#9. Ensure that you have an effective keyword strategy

To perform effective SEO in your website this year, you should have a keyword strategy that promotes the popularity of your website in search results. Perform an in-depth research on the keywords that are best suited for your website. Combine both short and long tail keywords so as to boost your searchability.

#10. Make use of synonyms and similar phrases to boost performance

This year, not only can you use exact keywords but you can also use words and phrases that have the same meaning. For example, instead of using a word like yoghurt’ you can use a phrase like dairy products. This will help you net more visitors to your website in 2015.


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