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Fat Finger SEO

I can say that because:
1.) I have fat fingers,
2.) I’m as guilty as everyone else.

In short, not everyone is a bad typist and sometimes writing a word or a URL to enter text in the browser or the search box.

There are many who think that going after these people is a waste of time because almost all search engines recognize grammatical errors and make suggestions to the user. But sometimes there are different spellings of the word, and you need to optimize for them.

A great example is the variant uses the following word:

* Wheelchair
* The wheelchair
* Wheelchair

Which is correct? According to Google “wheelchair” is the suggested term. But the search engine results, “wheelchair” has 76,300,000 million hits, “the wheelchair” has 61,500. 000 results, and “wheelchair” has 50,700,000 results.

But for the user, any of the spellings may be correct, and while ultimately finding what you want, why they matter which way you spell it?

SEO in the game today, you need to optimize for the three spelling if you really want to have the keyword / phrase. The best way is to make sure you have all variants of the word in your page copy, meta tags, page title and in any place that you can insert scripts without causing a spam, keyword stuffed page.

Although we always have to fight the battle of user-friendly design compared with the readability of search engine, in the end, it comes to their users, and are going to buy your product or service.

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