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Drive Traffic, Convert Visitors, and Close That Sale with High Quality Content

If you want to drive huge amounts of visitors to your site, then you’ll need a comprehensive content marketing strategy that covers all corners of your business or service. This isn’t as simple as cramming your pages with random text, pictures, and videos. You’ll want to create high quality content  that will not only engage your site viewers, but will actually keep them on that page and make them come back wanting for more. However, it’s easier said than done, especially if you’re running a business that doesn’t hold much room for fun and creativity when creating content online. Read on and find out how you can produce high quality for your site that’ll attract more readers, convert site viewers, and most importantly, close sales and lead to better profits for your business.

What is Content?

Content is basically anything that you place in your website. It can include, but are not limited to written articles, video productions, images and infographics, music, blog posts, reviews, and more. Without any of these, your site would be a boring and empty place that few people would want to visit at all. Major search engines such as Google will also have a hard time finding your site if you don’t have any content in it.

What is unique and high quality content?

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the internet, just as it was in broadcasting.”

That’s how Bill Gates saw web content back in his 1996 article titled “Content Is King”, which pretty much holds true until now and probably for more years to come. Much has changed since he wrote that article, especially when it comes to web content. You can’t simply rely on ordinary content nowadays. What your site would need is unique and high quality content that people will find interesting and relevant to what they’re looking for. If you want to read the original essay, then you could check out Craig Bailey’s blog for the complete article.

Why does your business need high quality content?

High quality content is what people would share and talk about, especially in social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You’ll get huge amounts of traffic just because an article, image, or video was “liked” or “tweeted” to other people by a single site visitor. You wouldn’t want low-quality content that are copied, repeated, and effortlessly made. Boring content can spell a death sentence for your site since uniqueness and relevance are keys to high quality content. High quality content would not only allow your business to be seen or heard, it’ll convince visitors to purchase or hire your services as well.

How do I build high quality content for my business?

The point of building a website, or any marketing medium for that matter, is to bring in more business by promoting your product and services and enticing the audience to take action and become part of your clientele. This means creating content that is of quality and is seamlessly aligned to your site. Building high quality content for a business’ websites can be a daunting task. How can you create unique content that people will write, share, and talk about? Not to mention that you’d want these folks to actually buy your products or avail of your services. Start with a plan and incorporate various types of unique content that will work for your target audience. You’ll want content that will answer every question that they may have about your business, keep them on your page, and convince them to click or call to make a purchase right away. Let’s look at a few basic examples below.

Written Content

You can’t have a website without having a few things written here and there. The problem with written content, although it’s essential, is that most sites tend to write too much or write too little. When it comes to websites for businesses, like e-commerce pages, most written content are simply copied from a product’s spec sheet filled with boring jargon and useless information. The key is to write content that is easy to read, answers all of a reader’s questions, and gives them an informed choice to purchase that item or avail of that service on the spot.

Let’s take an e-commerce page that’s selling a hand-held vacuum cleaner for example. On most sites, you’d probably just see a picture of the item, a detailed specs sheet, its price, and a big button that you can click in order to purchase.

What readers want are details that describe the product or service and what they can do to make their lives easier. Specs like an item’s weight shouldn’t just be a number, it should be written along with something that a reader can relate to. Talk about the product’s other features in detail or how it performs in real-world applications. You could walk them through every item that’s in the box, explain the warranty in detail, and so forth.

There would always be a way to write about a product or service in a manner that’s going to be fun and engaging for the reader, even if it’s about the most common or mundane items. The trick here is to show that you are an authority on the subject; explain everything in short but complete details, and provide content that has actual value for your customers.

Images and Infographics

Having written based content is essential, but it can be very bland and boring if you don’t have images to back up what you’re talking about. Showing off your product from all angles or posting photos of your past work aren’t enough. You’ll want to add image based content that will speak volumes about your products and services. You could entertain your visitors with photos that show the history of your product from its earliest prototypes to what it is today, or you could come up with an infographic that shows facts and figures about your business’ industry. The possibilities with image based content are quite endless, as it serves to not only inform and entertain your viewers, but it also allows you to break up the monotony and plainness of your site’s written content. It is always a good practice to condense all the selling points of your business and into a concise visual image or representation.

Video Content

Tamara Gaffney from Adobe’s Digital Marketing Blog recently wrote an article called If Content is King, Video is Heir to the Throne that talks about how consumption of video content is slowly on the rise thanks to various devices like smart phones and tablets. Businesses should take advantage of video as a medium where they could show off everything about their items or services in as short as sixty to ninety seconds.

People with limited attention spans tend to favor videos over detailed snippets of text, and this is especially true for today’s generation who tend to view web content on smaller devices like smart phones and tablets. Having video content to complement your text and photos means it’s easier for people to find out about your product in a short amount of time, have a visual presentation that they could share to their peers and talk about, and gives you a medium where you could showcase the best of what your products or service has to offer.

Podcasts and Audio Based Content

Audio based content may sound a bit outdated, especially if you compare it to videos and short commercials. But a short audio presentation detailing your products or services can be a good thing too. Some industries and businesses can set up a weekly or monthly podcast where they could discuss an interesting topic that’s related to their field that will be entertaining to their site viewers. Keeping up a regular podcast or short audio talk show gives your visitors something to expect and listen to every week or month, so you’d want to create audio content that’ll keep them coming back for more. Keep them updated with the latest trends industry, upcoming products, or talk about past events related to your business. You could even ask your readers for topics that they’d want you to cover.

Bringing it all together: high quality content generates profit

To wrap up, it’s plain to see that producing top-notch content won’t be an easy task. But you’ll have to start somewhere, or else, other online brands and businesses can wrestle your customers from you thanks to better written and highly-optimized websites. Start by creating high quality content for your site that covers text, images, video, and audio in order to attract more site visitors and get more paying customers in return.

Don’t forget, creating unique and high quality content is one thing, but you’ll also need to complement that with a search engine optimization (SEO) plan. Coming up with an SEO strategy would need up-to-date knowledge on topics such as search engine updates and algorithms, webmaster tools, analytics, and so forth. SEO is a big topic to cover, so we can discuss that in a different article soon instead.

If you’re not up to it, then hire a firm that provides SEO services in Perth who can also help create top-notch content for you. Either way, high quality content is what your website needs if you want your site to stay relevant in this extremely competitive online market today.


Author Bio:

Lee Eric Delos Santos is an Online Marketing Specialist for Search Group and the sole author of SEO Hyped. You can follow him on Twitter @ledscrikz and Linkedin.


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