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DMOZ Factor for Google

There have been many discussions about DMOZ in both positive and negative lights in the forums that if I had a nickel for every one of them, I could put Bill Gates out of business.

The point is, Google still uses DMOZ as a source of backup phone until that changes, it is always important that your site appears in it’s index. Now, despite some other urban legends seo, you can get top rankings in Google without being listed in DMOZ – but it is a quality link if you can get.

So, how much time should be devoted to get a DMOZ link?

All you need is about 15 minutes total, and you set.

There are two ways you can submit your site to be listed. The most difficult is to find the category your site is still in place and go there.

The easiest way is to drill down to regional level, where is your business location. Then find the category you want within that region and submit there. It may not be an exact match, but it is a DMOZ link.

So how powerful is that link?

I have a former employer who is in the business of home security. For two years that meet quality links from relevant sites, creating outstanding issues regarding safety at home, receiving phone communications and make press releases on a regular schedule. All efforts were rewarded in the UN-Google for your most popular phrase “home security.”

Then, eight months ago, I submitted your site to the regional level, security companies, and 6 months after being listed in DMOZ for that category. In 3 days after that announcement, that now appear on the first page of Google for “home security” term. In addition, the division is not their meta tags, but the DMOZ listing.

One last tip to submit to DMOZ: Always try to present a category that has an editor. They are very busy and most are noble to try to provide only quality sites. So be kind and patient and enjoy the results of their being included in DMOZ.

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