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Difference Between Blog and Articles

Blogs have come as a means to convey your message in a personal way. Articles are usually considered more accurate information and the details are concerned. From the standpoint of search engine, the two are a great source of information. But what sort of better?

First, we will see the value each brings:


Timely, personal, “inside views” are usually updated frequently


Informative, authoritative, detailed marketing, driven.

From the perspective of freshness, Blogs clearly win over the articles.

Unless your blog is of high rank, the articles have a greater exposure, as there are more chances that your article is seen by more people. There are many sources online that you can send your articles to, here’s a link for some: TechMafia.org and KerrySeo.co.uk

From a business perspective, I can say that the articles that help reinforce what they are selling. When writing an article instead of a blog, there is a perception that more care is taken to write an article, so the information contained in the heavier penalty.

People know that a blog will have a personal twist to it, if the author is the cleaning of a company, or the promotion of something that they have a personal or professional interest in.

In my own opinion, no one has made any purchases of any product that is pushed on a blog, but has a distinct influx of sales can be directly attributed to an article.

So what does this mean for you?

If you have a product or service you promote, use an item. If you need to get something from his chest, creating a blog. While both are considered very good for search engines, you are the ultimate goal is to make users not to confuse the search engines.

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