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Debunking Social Media Myths

Debunking Social Media Myths to Boost SEO Strategy

Debunking Social Media Myths

Social media gained popularity because people naturally wants to connect with their friends and love ones. Before, social media was considered the underdog in marketing. It was regarded as “for personal use only” type of site. Throughout the time it has accumulated many bad practices.

With Google getting strict with search engine rankings, companies are now turning to social media for support. The problem, their practices are often based on social media myths.

To help you avoid wasting time in using ineffective tactics, lets bust few of these myths to improve better SEO strategies.

Social Media is Only for Brand Awareness

Social media is effective in improving brand awareness. But it has more to offer than online presence. It’s a good tool to build strong brand identity, as well. In social media, you can directly address the concerns of customers and help them with any questions. It connects the company closer to people, without spending a lot of money through advertisements and PR campaigns. Not to mention, drive in traffic and boost in sales.

My Target Audience are Not Online

Believe it or not, there are still companies that do not own a social media account. They argue that their products or services are target specific and their market are not online. But according to the Associated Press, Facebook has more the 1 billion active users. Twitter, according to Tech Crunch has 170 millions active users. Despite being less popular, Google+ has 100 millions users. There is also Youtube, Reddit, Tumbler, Pinterest and many more.  Modern technology pushed everyone online. The trick here is to know which social media account is most used by your market.

You Should Be In Every Social Media

You do not have to be on every social media if you think that it does not fit your marketing strategy. This leads to another myth- managing social media accounts is difficult. If you are using, lets say, 5 social media accounts, don’t be overwhelmed. There are social media management software and applications that can help you. They supply you with updates and analytic to analyze how well your accounts are doing.

I Can Post Anytime of the Day

Many companies treat corporate accounts the way they use their personal accounts. This should not be the case. Never post whenever convenient, since most of your followers might not be online. In a study presented by Buddy Media, Thursdays and Fridays gets 18% higher user engagement than other days of the week. Jeremiah Owyang, of Altimeter Group explains that: “People are heading into the weekend so they’re thinking about things besides work. They’re mentally checking out and transitioning to the weekend.” In Twitter, weekends also get better re-tweets and click-through.

It’s Okay to Share The Same Contents Throughout My Accounts

Social media platforms may share the same functions but they have lots of differences-  the users, the language, the custom and many more. Posting the same thing throughout your account is counter intuitive, not to mention ineffective. You have to study how updates are done in one platform. In Twitter for example, you are only allowed 160 characters, compared to Facebook, where you can post more. In Pinterest and Tumblr focuses on pictures. You have to tailor each posts to hit target market on their core, and encourage them to participate.

Never Post Same Contents Multiple Times

Guys Kawasaki debunks this myth. He post share contents four times a day with eight hour interval, and get better traffic than posting only once a day. He said that not all his followers are online everyday and sharing same contents multiple times, reach followers whatever time zone they have.

More Hashtags Means Better Visibility

Actually, it’s the other way around. More hastags means lesser click-through. Write a status update filled with 4 to 5 hashtags and users won’t mind you. Hashtags meant to sort same posts and communication thread. It should not be abused just to appear on different pages of the website. If you can ditch a hashtag, just avoid it.

Social Media Can Replace Your Website

Never ever rely on you social media pages to boost sales, because no matter how optimize they are, it won’t help as much as having a website. There are still many things that websites can do, that social media platforms can’t. These stools are supposed to supplement each other for effectiveness.

Its All About Engaging Followers

It is not just about encouraging followers to re-tweet or comment. Social media is also about connecting to people. Leading brands in the world, even open new accounts meant for user support. Here, they discuss customer issues and questions.

Google search engine result is still the best way to market your products, but social media is a great marketing strategy to try. Remember, myths are supposed to be avoided, since they don’t provide worth for your brand. Experiment tactics and analyze target market to develop sturdier SEO strategies.

Author’s Bio: Maddy Bertelsen is a writer, blogger and newsletter contributor, taking here masters in business administration. She is currently expanding her knowledge in e-commerce and SEO. She works as marketing associate for best essay uk.

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