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Automatic SEO

You heard it here first.

Within 3 years, hardly anyone will be able to perform search engine optimization (SEO) to your site.

Everything will be done through a system of back-end management (CMS) – and will be easier and faster to work.

However, this does not mean the end of the world it’t for optimization services.

While a site correctly optimizd is nice to have, if anyone finds it, it does not matter. We hope to see more companies offering Search Engine Marketing as the premiere service, as it is more intense over time anyway.

How can this be? Let’s take a trip back to 1995.

Remember: blinking text, graphics, JPEG Large, dial-up and AOL was all the rage. At that time it was believed that all he needed was a web site, and could become an internet millionaire. While this is true for a lucky few, for the rest of us was still business as usual. However, the occurrence of template editors arrived. Microsoft Frontpage, Macromedia Dreamweaver and others seemed to make creating a website easy.

Once the online world realized that they could create their own sites, the next wanted the ability to edit their pages. Therefore, the birth of the CMS became a reality and many web design shops, found themselves fighting to offer thses back-end modules or services to their customers.

Today, people expect to have a website you can edit, which brings us to SEO. There are many properties in a site that can be generated with a CMS system. For example:

* Meta Tags
* Page Titles
* Names page
* Site Map
* CSS styling

If the web administrator knows the simple basics of SEO, you can apply these values to all the pages of any CMS system creates.

I know this is because I’ve built these exact systems for customers. Once the client learns the importance of proper names stuctures and the best way to place your keywords naturally in all parts of your website are already two steps ahead of your competition.

Search Engine Optimization is still a valuable way to make money, but as more people who constitute the Internet with their lives, they will become knowledgeable enough to perform these tasks themselves.

The next step is the automation of the SEM, I still think it is only five years away …

Take the money while you can!

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