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seo trends 2016

4 Vital SEO Trends You Should Follow In 2016

seo trends 2016

Did you rule online and make huge money in 2015?

Yes or no?

Whatever, I’m sure you would like to make it in 2016. But, how?

Well, here are top 4 SEO trends that will dominate 2016. Check them out.

  1. Focus on mobile optimization: For the last several years, computer has remained a standard form of search. However, this fact has changed dramatically in 2015 with the growing number of mobile searches. The emphasis on mobile apps has further proved with a survey which showed that 52% of the total time people spent on online media is consumed by mobile apps. If you want to keep your customers engage with your brand, you have to optimize these apps. Well-designed mobile apps should lineup with your brand message and company.

All the images you’re using with the app should engage the customers and should convince them to click on it.

  1. Voice search will dominate in 2016: Interaction is going to be more informative and interesting with the coming up of voice search. Think, earlier you had to type something such as ‘Chinese Restaurant’ and then hit the address to know where it is.

But, now with voice search, you only have to ask, ‘Where’s the nearest Chinese restaurant?’ And you will get the answer immediately.

Isn’t it very easy and quick?

To embrace this evolution, give more efforts on local SEO. The search results depend on various factors like local citation, product/service destailed description, and reviews. Make sure that your customers access it easily so that it appears in the search results.

  1. Stay away from the Penguin: Unfortunately, there are some websites which are losing their ranks due to terrible backlinks. Even if they try to clean it up, the Penguin is very slow in refreshing it. It means that if you’re facing this problem, you may have to wait for the next 1 year to get rid of those weak backlinks.

Garry Illyes from Google tweeted that if anyone is getting slammed by the Penguin algorithm, and once Google processed your link removals, you can recover it instantly. He is saying that the Penguin update will go live in 2016. But, in our opinion, it’s better to expect that the 2016 version will be equally frustrating. So, play safe.

  1. Site layout will gain more importance: Features of the site like its layout will play an important role to engage more and more customers. To know how your site layout is working, you should find out the answers of these questions:
  • Are my customers getting the right information quickly?
  • Are they clicking on different pages just to go off from there?
  • Are there certain pages which people are not visiting at all?

Ensure that the sub categories are comprehensibe and navigation-friendly. Check your drop-down menus too as it can help your customers to minimize clicking. It’s a good idea to add an internal search, especially if you have ecommerce site to direct customers to their required pages easily.

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Have a happy SEO in 2016!

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