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How Pinterest Can Boost Your Online Traffic

Social media sites are now the king of the online marketing.

If you’ve started with it, then you’re on the right track. Now, your next job will be pinning with the visual social media platform. Yes, you’ve guessed it right- it’s Pinterest.

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According to Shareaholic.com, Pinterest has increased its traffic from 4.79% to 7.10% in only three months the last year. This 2.31% rise has further driven the traffic of the online brands dealing with IT, services, books and magazines, and even antiques.

It is giving a tough competition to Facebook reaching over 70 million fans which still continues to grow. Go ahead and start using it if you want to grow your business quickly.

How Pinterest helps you?

#1. Draws in huge traffic: To give more traffic to your site, its hover button lands the users directly to your site. As such, the users can pin the images directly from your site while going through your site’s content at the same time.

#2. Gives you new customers: It works exactly like a billboard along the highway. Whether one comments on it or not, they stay at the back of the minds of the passersby. In the same way, even when the users not pinned it, you will still get  huge views. And if many users are pinning and sharing it, you will likely to get new customers in the way.

#3. Does extensive market research: Pinterest gives you an idea of the latest market trend and what your customers find most interesting. If you think that maximum Pinterest users are men who have wives and female friends who would like to get gifts from men. These men will then definitely search for some pleasing gifts. They create pinboards and pin things, you will be able to see what makes tick as a consumer and other different trending products.

#4. Let you gain authority: As Pinterest enabled you to do in-depth market research, you can easily gain an authority in it by changing your marketing strategies. With the quality descriptions and photos, you can target the descriptions with ease which the newbies would want.

But, as your Pinterest password is an essential tool for logging into it successfully, you have to make sure that they’re updated.

#5. Makes your brand even stronger: This amazing social site also let you personalize the page to the name of your company. You can also use your company’s logo as your profile picture to get a lot of exposure with pinning of a single image. If you like, you can also write a paragraph describing your company and the services you provide. You can also give this link to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The bottom line is – Pinterest increases your sales. When you scatter different photos all over Pinterest, it gets huge exposure among various pinners and thus boosts your sales indirectly.

If you provide only one kind of service or product, make sure that the users can easily find your profile. Also, create two to three boards having appealing items so that they create interest in the users.


  1. I must admit that I having been sleepin on pinterest for a while now. But after reading your article I will give it another go. Sounds pretty promise with its boost in traffic from 4.79% to 7.10% in only three months!

  2. I am thinking of starting up a business in the new year. this article has really given me something to think about as it is so simple but so effective. definitely something i will give a go.

  3. PInterest works so straightforward and powerful. I completely agree that through pinterest, you can get an extensive market research.

  4. I have never thought of using Pinterest from a market research standpoint. But that does make sense being the amount of traffic and action it gets. I have a different view of pinterest now after reading your article. Thanks for opening my eyes.

  5. Great post Kerry! Thanks for sharing your traffic boosting Pinterest tips!

  6. i think pinterest is great way for a site to go viral , pins stay up for long time and people share all across the web.

  7. How many Pinterest accounts is a user allowed to have. Does Pinterest care how many you have or do they want you to only have one?

  8. I must admit, I’m one of those addicted to Pinterest. I can search and view anything that interest me. It’s also very trendy and full of information. Whenever I want to know something especially about beauty, health, and fashion, Pinterest is definitely my first choice.

  9. Do you know if backlinks on Pinterest are dofollow?

  10. Someone hacked into my Pinterest account and scrambled all my pins, so you are right that keeping your password updated is very important!

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