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4 Vital Reasons Why to Comment on Other Blogs

With the increase of the online competition among the websites, blogging is the most effective solution to come into existence. If you search, there are lots of blogs will come out in results. Those active blogs almost daily publish fresh content in to their websites. Among those blogs we forget the value of blog comments placed at the end of every post in the blogs.

Blog Comments are the easiest way of driving direct traffic to your website. It is the way to express your views after reading the blog post. It also can be converted into discussions sometimes. Though the power of doing blog comment is incredible if it is relevant but still we often forget the value of doing blog comments.

Let us find out the four vital reasons why to comment on others blogs to boost up our energy:

1.)    For getting back link

Blog comment is one of the best methods of building link. Commenting increases the credibility of the site, drives the traffic of that blog to our linked site, make your site URL more web visibly and getting the benefits of the search engine rankings.

2.)    To drive traffic

Comments attract the readers to read them first before reading the whole post. If there are less comments in the post, every reader try to read the comments first and then read the whole post if they find it interesting. It gives the small overview of the whole post. So when you comment on other blog, all the traffic of that blog will drive to your linked site if the readers feel it interesting. So your site will have its own traffic + the traffic of that commented blog.

3.)    To improve your website rankings and Authority

By doing comments on other’s blog will also help to increase your website rankings. When you comment on any blog having page rank more than page rank of your blog will benefit your blog according to link juice. So ultimately rank your site high in the search engine result pages. Moreover, it will also increase the domain authority, page authority of your site but the blog should be relevant to your site.

4.)    To build your online reputation

Commenting on others blog will increase the credibility of your site and build online reputation of the site. After commenting, when most of the people who read that blog will see the link of that site at various blogs in the comments will definitely feels good about the site. As this will be a well-known site to the online readers. So it builds up your site reputation.

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Roberta Smith writes for Phone Service. She is a freelance blogger and likes to write about various topics like social media, latest technology trends.

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