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What Is Third Screen SEO

Yes, you read that correctly.

Third screen seo is well on its way.

What is SEO third screen?

Well, television is the “chief” of the screen, the PC is the “second” screen, and together with: The cell phone, PDA and Blackberry.

These are handheld devices that almost everyone in the world has, and since they are portable, they can become more important than the TV and PC.

Why should I be worried?

The coding of the third screen is a different monster to deal with developers – unless you build the whole site in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) – then the screen size does not matter, because the technology automatically adjusts the size of screen.

So, how possibly can “tune” the third screen?

Like any technology emerges, there are many players who try to define the industry, taking the lead by offering a better service, results or products. Content sites that will host the third screen viewers visit to get their content.

Either Yahoo or a new portal site creation that becomes a leader, getting inspectors from third to these sites is a new challenge that will have huge rewards.

In addition to making content accessible, but search and site functionality that operates on a cell phone that determine life and death of the next Amazon.

Have you ever tried to find something on the Internet through your cell phone? The easier a user can find what you want, it is more likely to return to his service for reuse.

Third-party inspectors are the sites of value gladly write your cell number to receive updates from trusted sources.

By ignoring the third screen, you might be ignoring the billions of potential buyers of your products or services.

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