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What Are The 7 Misconception About SEO?

7 SEO misconceptions that every website owner is to know

Most of the SEO related misconceptions are considered to be myths that are related to link building and are said to have emerged because of rapid development of SEO industry. In an attempt to destroy the link networks by Google has actually changed the manner, SEO’s approach website promotion that gives due importance towards the social medial marketing, while lesser importance to towards traditional link building.

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7 Misconceptions Worth Understanding:-

  • Linking the website together could be bad since, Google might consider it as link network

It is a popular misconception among website owners who feel that they cannot have their own websites linked together. As a matter of fact, it is fine to have it done provided that it is related and are lesser than five.

  • Internal links can land the person in trouble

Some people are of the misconception that internal links that are keyword rich are dangerous and hence to be avoided. It is a misconception and a bad advice as internal links are definitely good for the SEO.

  • Link building is regarded to be the only way for increasing rankings of the website in SERPS

It is another misconception, which is said to have destroyed almost the entire SEO industry. One should understand that SEO is just not about link building and it never was. For making quick profit, several companies had started to sell link packages, tricking a huge number of website owners to believe, SEO is about creating artificial links for increasing rankings.

  • Guest posting is regarded to be a legitimate way for building links that points to the website

The truth is however, something different. When guest posting takes place in the right manner, it is undoubtedly a wonderful way for building website trust. However, over-abusing it, could lead towards penalties.

  • Google utilizes similar algorithm ranking with Yahoo and Bing

What people do not understand is that Google ranking algorithm is quite different from that of Bing and Yahoo. Google has come out with stringent rules and regulations that changes constantly, while the other search engines follow a different pattern altogether.

  • Off-Page SEO more important than that of On-Page SEO

Misconception in this regard is that Off-page SEO considered more vital for purpose of ranking than On-Page SEO. However, the reality is that both the aspects are very much necessary and On-Site SEO is rather a must to avail optimum results.

  • High competitive keywords could bring more organic traffic

While using Google keyword tool for making the keyword research, it can be normal for selecting the keywords that has higher traffic, which the individual feels could help in gaining more visits to the site. But, this is a misconception as higher traffic keywords would also mean high competition keywords, which would be difficult to rank. Therefore, the end result is likely to be disappointment due to zero traffic.

Taking the help of the qualified and experienced Cornwall SEO professionals can indeed help the websites to understand what are the right and wrong practices in SEO and what is to be done to promote their site.

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