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Web Developers & Search Engine Optimisation Consultants – How to Work Together

Search engine optimisation consultants can help you optimise your site for Google and other search engines, but it’s important to work together to strike the right balance between SEO and website usability.

If you own your own e-commerce site, you will know the importance of user-friendly navigation and a fully working site that brings value to a shopper’s online experience. Sometimes, there may be a clash between search marketing techniques and your own creative ideas.
Web design is a huge part of any online business, but web designers need to work in harmony with search engine optimisation experts.
If you are having a brand new website developed, here are some things to bear in mind:

  1. A simple CMS to make SEO changes – a quick and simple CMS is required if you are to keep on top of your SEO updates. Your SEO consultant may discuss with you new strategies, different keyword variations and new phrases.
  2. SEO friendly web design – some websites which use Flash, JavaScript or CSS may not be entirely SEO friendly. Let your web designer know that you intend on optimising your site for search engines and ask them to make your site as SEO friendly as possible without compromising style, creativity and design quality.
  3. Site speed – the speed of a website can be extremely important for keeping shoppers on your website. Since the Google Panda update, it’s also been something that search engines have been encouraging amongst webmasters.

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