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youtube channel branding

Tips for Branding Your YouTube Channel

youtube channel branding

YouTube is the largest search engine for videos. So, creating a video and not uploading it on YouTube is a huge opportunity lost. But then merely uploading and sharing it on YouTube doesn’t guarantee you any result; you need to work hard to build a solid viewership and branding your YouTube channel goes a long way to help you in this direction. So, how do you make your channel look unique and different from others? Here are some tips to customize the look and feel of your channel to go with your brand.

Branding your YouTube channel

It’s always a plus to have an experienced web designer by your side since it involves some design and development work. Here are some pointers to get you started:

Channel Name: This is the very first thing in branding your channel. Since it appears with all the videos you publish, choose it carefully. Though in most cases, you’d name it same as your business, sometimes you may want to go for a shorter version if your business name is too long.

Channel Description: This will allow you to let your viewers know what your channel is about. Also keep in mind that it is also important from the viewpoint of SEO since the search engines will be crawling your channel description in order to suggest your videos to their users. So, use this opportunity wisely. You can begin with your tagline and optimize the description with relevant keywords. You can also place custom URLs and links to your social media profiles.

Custom background: YouTube allows you to customize the background but you need to be a YouTube partner to be able to do so. Have a look at their requirements for this and apply for it. Then get your designer to put something cool as per their technical specs.

Channel Icon: The small, square icon you choose for your channel will also appear with every video you share. So, make sure you upload an attractive channel icon to go with your branding. Since it is often scaled down, you should go for a high resolution image.

Intro Video: This is a major component in branding your channel. When any user visits your channel, this is the very first video they will see. The quality and content of this video leaves a strong impression about your channel. You can either choose an existing video or create a new video explaining your brand or product. In either case, don’t forget to keep it short and focused; after all, you just have few seconds to impress your audience.

Branding Individual Videos

In addition to the channel, you will have to brand and optimize your individual videos as well. The important elements to use for this are video title, metadata, and video description. Be aware that your viewers will have to click on ‘Show More’ to see the full description. So, it pays to put important things first.

You can certainly get more views for your videos by branding your YouTube and applying some SEO techniques. If your channel is new or if you have very less subscribers, you should also consider buying youtube likes from some reliable source; people usually tend to watch those videos that have more number of likes. Apart from that, it is also helpful in ranking your videos.

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