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SEO For Google

With the recent Jagger update the solution, many people find their sites no longer are rated high for so long had enjoyed before the last Google update.

Thus, sites that have lost these rankings are struggling to find some answers as to why your site dropped. While it is my business to know the intricacies of how this update special impact on the search algorithm, there are some common starting points if you apply these to all sites, you should be able to survive any upgrade intact.

* Proper naming structure
* Name of your page titles with keywords if possible
* Always have a site map
* Always include a robots.txt file
* If you must use a new direct, be sure that the server side, not with a meta refresh tag
* Do not use hidden text
* Make sure your keyword phrase is included in H1 tags
* Do not optimize for more than two keywords per page
* Use text links when possible
* Any product image, be sure to use the alt tag
* Use hyphens, not underscores when the name of a page file
* Make sure your site has a page error processing
* Create a Google Sitemap and submit it to them (This is also a typical map)
* Download all js and CSS code
* Do not forget the meta tags

Make sure you follow these simple instructions and do not have to worry too much at any time Google has an update – the site is not affected by the filters spam checking, hidden text or anything that looks like camouflage.

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