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seo certifications

SEO Certification: Can Training Boost Your SEO Career?

seo certifications

A Career In SEO!

As the internet continues to evolve and become more diverse and mobile, one significant factor in successful Internet marketing stays constant: search engine optimization, in short SEO. At least 95% of all clicks, both from conventional desktops and from mobile devices, come through queries generated through a search engine. Search clearly outshines paid advertising and social media as the means through which most people find businesses online and it costs less as well. In fact it won’t be wrong in saying that poor SEO can make a website hidden to prospective customers whereas on the other hand smart SEO can rake in more visitors and leads, which can lead to more sales!

What Is SEO?

SEO is the art of crafting and marketing a website so that it comes on the first page, possibly on top of the list, when potential customers search for any product or services. It is an extremely multifaceted field that entails years of learning and on-going training as well as search engines and websites constantly keep evolving. Successful SEO includes website designing, its technical planning and the deeply well-researched application of marketing phrases and keywords into customer driven and well written content like blogs, press releases, etc that gets positively noticed by important search engines.

Is SEO Good Enough For You?

As the SEO industry continues to grow, SEO certifications are increasingly becoming a hot topic of discussion amongst aspirants. Search Engine Optimisation is a great choice of career as there is an ever-increasing demand for skilled SEO professionals in today’s time. By pursuing a career in SEO you gain access to numerous job opportunities and by enrolling in SEO training courses, you can also make a successful career out of it. These courses help you prepare for in a career in search engine optimization and also provide you with the qualifications to land yourself a job. But before you want to go ahead and pursue any course you should be aware of a few important things. Are SEO certifications worth it and if so, what professional advantages do they provide? Also, you should first figure out if this profession is ideal for your personality and interests.

  • Analytical

If you are extremely analytical and love data, then a career in SEO could be your calling! You will need to go through a lot of data and information while optimizing a website; so it will be extremely useful if you are the analytical types.

  • Problem Solver

Are you a problem solver naturally? If yes, then there’s a higher probability that you’ll enjoy SEO and a career in it. Problem solving skills are much in demand in almost any kind of job, more so in a profession like SEO.

  • Technical

You’re work with a lot of technical information so it helps if you are the technical types. This also helps you while encountering a lot of technical jargon and people.

  • Autonomous

SEO is a great choice of career if you enjoy working for yourself, even from the confines of your home. A course in SEO can also help you start your own business in SEO.

SEO Certifications and Courses:

Several certifications exist that can hone your skills and help you become certified in SEO. Even though you can a lot of SEO on your own, a few certifications give you the extra edge and make you look good on paper.

Benefits and skills you can learn from SEO certifications:

  • Increase your understanding of SEO, including strategies, tools and best practices.
  • Apply established SEO techniques to organically produce applicable keywords phrases for websites.
  • Understand how to control industry-standard keyword research tools to continuously and organically determine the most significant keywords for websites.
  • Get a comprehensive understanding of server settings, appropriate indexing of pages and the exclusion of any apparent duplicate content to guarantee optimization.
  • Learn how to optimize content for pages and ensure that keyword density falls within suitable parameters.
  • Learn how to create unique titles and Meta tags.
  • Understand how to construct external and internal link structures to optimize visibility on search engines.
  • Understand how to evaluate SEO campaigns through Google analytics and establish prospects for growth.
  • Increase your knowledge of Google page ranking
  • Get familiar with the importance of YouTube as one of the biggest search engines and learn optimizing video content.

Formerly, SEO was just like any other profession where web masters performed some fundamental SEO for websites they managed. But as websites began to develop and make money, it became more important to hire dedicated SEO specialists than simply have Web masters do it. So it won’t be wrong in saying that the demand for SEO experts is on the rise and is here to stay.

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