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How to Double Your Website Traffic Through Organic Ways


Get traffic to your Business website need more focus and constants you can’t skip any step here any. Fortunately here are some good ways that can boost your site traffic online dramatically, but unfortunately they are limited.

If you operating or managing website online you may know very well that the getting of organic/targeted visitors to visit to your website it’s usually increased your sales and off course profits.

For a high volume flow of adult traffic for your website, you may plan to extend your budget for spent some more money ensure success in future, and here no any doubt that everybody probably want to get  good return on investment and you can do this by spread your website in www world.

Here are few steps to boost your traffic with organic way:

For get your Website Noticed by Google

Use Meta tags

You have to re-check your Meta tag information, if you are not using meta tags then you have more hard work to do offline, add relevant and quality meta data so that not only Google but also other search engines know whether your website door open for crawler to index site or not.

All the Meta tags placed between<head> & </head> section and contains important information for search engine bots about your website/web pages.

XML Sitemap

This is the Google friend, just kidding but XML Sitemap is the strongest tools that Google understand fast. For list your website in Google juice database put XML Sitemap in root folder, root folder means same folder where your main or home or index page. For clear root folder confusion see the example suppose your website URL is www.abc.com then add your sitemap here www.abc.com/sitemap.xml.


The easiest method is advertise your sites by outsource work to advertisement agencies, but this is recommended you clearly deal about your website adult material such as picture, gallery, portfolio pages etc. You can also hire Affordable SEO Service For Adult Business. Pay Per Click (PPC) is the same business where you select keyword and pay for every click on your link on publisher websites.

Don’t speared it your self , in case of general topic website no problem, but in the case of adult website you can’t put URL on your business cards, or on your car mirror, not on letterhead and so on or can you put?

Add robot.txt file

Robot.txt file is a text file that contains instruction for search engine. You can tell search engine to index or not your website or individual pages/directories or folder hidden from search engine and index/cache.

You can create file in any text editor or in Dreamwever by put code and then save with .txt extension or you can try online tools for generate robots.txt, again file placement need highly consider here, this file must place in root folder where main page and its root should be as www.yoursitename.com/robot.txt

Submit site to Google

Anybody can submit site to Google with register and login, if you are a registered user on Google Webmaster Tools you can get details reports about error message or about how your website work on Google.

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