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How The Human Element Enhances SEO

We all know that SEO is a powerful and essential marketing tool for improving the visibility of your website and product. And yes, much of the process is reliant on the technological knowhow and savoir faire of your SEO company, be they in house or outsourced. But the fact that remains that you are marketing something man made, and the element of human creativity cannot be removed from the process as a whole. There is the mathematical, technical, computer-based element of SEO, and then there is the human element, which I feel is often completely overlooked by SEO companies and the larger overarching companies that choose to make use of these services. If you as a business owner, web site designer or SEO service provider can recognize the importance of the production process, then the need for SEO will be lessened, as will the resultant cost. Similarly, if you are an SEO provider, a creative approach to solving the visibility issues of your clients will see you get greater results, and the ability to milk results out of an improved initial product will boost your reputation and income.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which the human mind can be used more creatively when it comes to the SEO process.

Initial Content

SEO is largely based on keyword recognition and saturation. This means that the content that you send in to your SEO service provider will analyse the market that you are trying to reach, and place keywords into your content so that your website will pop up in searches related to your business. This seems fairly straightforward. But a lot of pressure is now placed on your content writers to create an initial product that features these keywords, without losing the creative integrity of the message that you are trying to get across. You need to sit down with your creative team and the SEO service at the same time, so that your content writers will know exactly how to adapt their approach in order to have more keywords and core concepts present.  A really good creative team will adjust their concepts and content so that they have already geared the website towards successful merges with the SEO service.

Some SEO services make use of automated content generation services in order to enhance their clients visibility, but once again, this loses that crucial creative integrity. It’s all well and good for your website to have 5% keyword presence, but if it does not flow or make sense, you are not going to get the desired results, and you just end up wasting money. You need a team of expert writers to sift through and edit the content that your SEO gives you because in many cases, what you get is a mathematical conversion of what internet users are searching, and not something enticing. Despite rapid technological advances, there is still the need for creative content that appeals to human sensibilities, and machines are as yet unable to capture that sentiment.

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