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Brand Marketing: How to Win the Game?

Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing is like any game. If you know the ways or rules you’re much more likely to win. Usually, small businesses devote their limited time & money on networking, advertising, mailings, making calls, meeting with prospects, yet only obtain middling results. The problem is not that they do not know their business or offer high-quality products or services, it’s that they do not know how to win the brand marketing game.

Below are some lessons. Whether it is for your content marketing, social media campaign, or any part of your marketing initiatives; these lessons are surely worth considering.

#1. Observing What Others Don’t

A lot of, if not all, of today’s major brands is thanks to the power of observation. Rather than considering the little things or the larger picture, somebody had that eureka moment of viewing what isn’t there. Or, as is often the case, they noticed the obvious & saw its potential.

Viewing things with fresh eyes is an excellent way for marketers & businesses to get ahead of the competition. It is the thing which makes you slap yourself & ask, “Duh. Why did not I think of that?”

#2. Playing Your Weaknesses

It is no secret customers tend to be suspicious of marketing claimsfor very good reasons. A lot of ads & copies are just not trustworthy. The ideal this, the ideal that; nothing is ideal if everything is.

You are probably told not to utilize negative words in your marketing and advertising efforts, but breaking that principle could be worth it if you do it right. If executed right, playing your weakness & being straightforward can pay off.

#3. Targeting the Sweet Spot

Big data, studies, and analytics are important in building a marketing campaign. But remember that customers havesweet spot a sweet spot for stories & things that can’t be explained. While statistics and numbers are good, do not forget some consumers would possibly not like it. What differentiates good marketers from the good ones is their power to focus on the consumer’s sweet spot.

You cannot always force facts on consumers & hope you will win due to itsome of them aren’t enthusiastic about facts. Some like content, products & ads provided in a way that passions them. Because of this, you have to find out your customers’ passion and interests & direct your concept or messages to this sweet spot.

Converting facts into a story focuses on that sweet spot in consumers, making mysterious things happen. The stories are simply digested & transferable, making them ideal for a market where social networking is a penultimate tool for sharing information.

#4. Shaking the Competition

No brand would like to be put in a bad light, and that’s why businesses & marketers always perform to be on the right side when it relates to customer reception. One brilliant way to market your brand & take a dig at others is by repositioning the competition.

#5. Keeping Ideas at the Heart of Campaigns


We’ve all the data to assist us target our consumers, but the one constant which still drives achievements is a compelling, vibrant idea. Marketers have countless ways to utilize data, countless places to put it & countless ways to deliver it. All of these will not matter if there is not any central idea that is delivering the heartbeat to your campaigns.

These lessons would possibly not be everything you need to know to win the brand marketing game. There are no specified rules to online marketing, but there’re guidelines. In a super competitive, fast-moving market, however, these will offer you a completely solid foundation, one that is good enough to drive you to get ahead of the competition.


Author Bio:- Navid TayebiNavidTayebi has considerable experience in digital marketing and brand development. He is the founder of Creative Over,a digital marketing agency in Orange County, CA that primarily focuses on providing digital marketing solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses. He is a versatile, organized and self-reliantperson. His areas of expertise are refinement and development of marketing goals, promotional activities, pricing strategies and branding.

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