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Best SEO tools and Resources you’ll need in 2014


It is difficult to choose the best tools and resources for the year 2014 because Google keeps moving the goal posts as if they were jelly in the wind. Still, the tools on this list have been cherry picked because they are more suitable than ever for use in the year 2014 when the Google Hummingbird is still sharpening its beak.


This was once a joke that you forgot, but now in line with its name it is coming back to you. There was a time when follow up on emails meant simply sending more emails until a person needed a wide screen monitor to see their junk mail folder. But, now that it is harder to get onto the Google search engine results it is now worth romancing your viewers via email.

If you want to feel the sexy touch of the SEO feather that is email marketing, then embed a link to your website onto your emails and make gentle requests that people show support for your website by using that embedded link to link to your website. Even if it only gets you three backlinks per every 100 messages it is still better than paying for them.

Content Strategy Generator Tool

This tool was nearly not an attendee on this list, not because it is particularly bad but because it curates information from places such as Google insights and in the grand scheme of things it is probably better to use the tools it actually mines information from as oppose to using this tool.

However, this tool was inserted into this article like false teeth in a gummy parrot because if you use it with enough cynical vigor then it is better to have it than to not. Just do not make the mistake of basing your entire content plans on it. Look upon it as advice you are getting from a homeless guy who used to own IBM. Sure you listen, but you do not run out and do the first thing he says.


Have a sneaky peak at what your competitor has built his website with. Take note if your competitor has risen to the top of the search engine results pages, because it may indicate that the technology they are using is search engine friendly and therefore may be eligible for adoption on your site in the same way you would adopt a child with gold teeth who eats lots of rock toffee.

Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool

As redundant as this tool first appeared to be, it may finally get its triumphant return to form now that Google has made it clear (with the Google Hummingbird update) that over optimization is a naughty thing to do and that we should all simply optimize our pages and leave town whilst Google decides where we sit on the search engine results pages (oddly enough below all the websites containing Google Adsense). Over optimizing your anchor text is now considered as bad as punching a panda in the face for looking smug, so expect to use this tool more in the future.


It is still puzzling just how much affect social media has on the Google search engine results. People work for months on their social media profiles only to have their websites continue to dangle at the bottom of the results like a lumpy bit hanging from the bottom of a horse’s tail.

Still, Google insists that social media is part of their indexing algorithm, all whilst winking suggestively at YouTube and Google+, so it makes sense that within your bag of tricks you have something that monitors social media and shortens your URLs for it too (Bit.ly being your answer in this case).

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing is to Google what Google+ is to Facebook, but nasty comparisons aside it is not a terrible idea to have Bing in the back of your mind. They joined forced with Yahoo, which is hardly surprising since Bing is American and Yahoo is British and the Brits and Yanks seem to be locked in a 16yr old teenager’s love affair at the moment where one cannot even go to the toilet without the other weeping into its breakfast cereal.

The point is that Google is slowly shifting the non-rich from its search engine results pages so that they have to use Google Adwords if they ever want to see the top of the Google search engine results, which is going to start shifting more people to Bing.

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