3 SEO Tips to Rapidly Advance Your Rankings

A lot of people want to know “What can I do to get higher listings
in the search engines”. Here are 3 tips I use that have never let
me down:

1. Keyword Research – This is big. Too many times people try to
get their sites to rank for one word searches like “cars”. This is
too hard to do and I wouldn’t even recommend trying it. Plus did
you know 2 and 3 keyword search terms almost always convert better
for you? So look for 2 or 3 keyword search terms like “used cars”
or “used car dealerships”. You’ll find it’s much easier to rank
for these. Another trick is to look at the number of pages Google
returns. If it shows over 30,000 pages it’s probably a hard search
term to rank for so I’d keep looking.

2. Keyword Location — Put a paragraph containing your keywords
towards the top of your page (or at least at the beginning of your
content) . Also put the keyword phrase in your title and meta
description. Don’t over stuff your page with the keyword phrase.
Overuse can hurt you here.

3. Number of Words on the Page – Keep this around 350 words. You
can still rank well for pages that don’t have this many words, but
remember the search engines love content and 350 words seems
to be the magic number.

So there it is. 3 quick tips that you can use to get better search listings. Don’t try to have one page rank for more than one search term. It’s much easier to just create a new page specifically tailored to the search term you researched in tip 1.

Author: Kerry Tiwana

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