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Market Your Small Business

Why You Need To Market Your Small Business With A Local SEO Strategy

Market Your Small Business

Most small business owners understand that some minimum level of online marketing is necessary in virtually every industry these days. If your own business relies primarily on local customers, though, you might not see the point in spending too much time on internet promotion. However, good marketing that includes local search engine optimization (SEO) can target those very local customers with laser-like precision. Making a few minor adjustments to your online marketing practices can have a major impact on your local visibility.

#1. Concentrate On Geographical Keywords:

Optimization involves choosing strategic keywords and featuring them heavily on your website and in your social media. When you’re taking aim at the local market, it is important to include geographical keywords in your optimization strategy.

Note that search engines are getting smart enough to consider your page locally relevant even if you don’t use a phrase that exactly matches a searcher’s query. If you are a plumber in Peoria, a useful page that delivers customized tips for local homeowners is going to perform a lot better in the search engines than a page of generic content with the phrase “plumbing service Peoria” crammed into it as many times as possible.

Make sure your HTML code includes geotags. These are precise data entries that will tell search engines exactly where you are located. Accurate geotags can seriously boost your standing on location-specific results pages.

#2. Get Comfortable With Mobile Customers:

When your primary marketing goal is capturing local customers, it is vitally important to make your efforts harmonious with mobile browsers. Mobile searches now account for more than half of all internet searches being performed and they are even more common when people are looking for local businesses. A quick online search on a smartphone is the 21st century equivalent of looking up businesses in the yellow pages.

Take steps to make your website as functional as possible for mobile browsers. There are several effective techniques for this. Investing in a responsive website creates pages that will load differently depending on the device used to reach them. Alternatively, you could use a separate site in a mobile subdomain to present exclusive content to mobile users.

#3. Take Control Of NAP Data:

NAP stands for “name, address, and phone,” and it is critical in marketing a local business. Minor differences in the way your business is referred to online can badly erode your search engine authority, driving potential traffic away from your site and giving potential customers inaccurate contact information.

All of the NAP data you enter on your own site and your other accounts (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) should be consistent. Check on local business directories, review sites, and Google Maps to make sure that your information is correct. Keeping your NAP information consistent wherever it appears ensures that search engines correlate every mention as a reference to your business.

#4. Try Using Video:

Take a little time to run a few Google searches on keywords related to your industry but not including geographic phrases. The odds are good that you will see a video or two at the top of the search results. This is no accident. Search engines are now prioritizing video content to cater to the tastes of their users.

You can use this to your advantage if you’re willing to invest in making your own videos. This doesn’t cost as much as you might think. You can create serviceable videos using a smartphone and free editing software. Instructional videos that share your expertise perform particularly well. Note that videos can be optimized and geotagged just like web pages for improved local performance.

By aiming your online marketing at your local community and using smart local SEO techniques, you can send your business to the top of the results pages that local customers see when they need the products and services you have to offer. That is definitely worth a little extra effort to accomplish and it will translate into more business for you in the future.

Author Bio:- Sparky Parker has over 35 years of related experience in marketing, internet sales and engineering. He owns and operates FrontRangeMarketeer.com, which helps local businesses generate more leads and attract new customers.

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