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Why Site Content is KING

If you are looking for a good page rank, you must have very effective content. This principle is applicable to all the different sites, be it a blog post, product description or even article. However, the best way to get the optimum result is to syndicate the content for your website.

The reason is clear and effective. When you syndicate your content, you will get more traffic, more exposure and subsequently more sale. In the same way, you can benefit from the syndicate, if you are a blogger. This will give you chance to get a wider distribution. Since it gives your post a wider exposure, you are likely to get new readers for your blogs. Again, if your site includes informative articles, you may well get offers from other companies that are looking for similar write ups. Finally, if you are writing it to sell products, you can offer content feeds to the affiliates. This in turn, will increase your revenue.

However, syndication is a bit of puzzle as far as the search result is concerned. Most of the search engines would like to show the searchers articles that are relevant to the search. But, showing it multiple times can cause a negative impact. Sometimes, the same article can be posted on different sites. Now, if they are all shown in the page rank, the searcher may not have a good impression.


To cope up with that problem, the search engines usually filter the duplicate contents and keep only the one version in the search list. However, they use different techniques to find out the chosen one. They look for the date of publication and the number of links to find out the original content. Without syndication, the content of your site may appear on different sites as well. In that case, the search engines try to find out the more authoritative site among them.

So when doing SEO to your site keep in mind that it is essential to have effective content which is authoritative. So ensure that you pay attention to the content of your site and blogs.

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