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5 Mobile SEO tools

Top 5 Tools For Mobile SEO Strategy Development

We all know that SEO is a trick used by digital marketing professionals to increase the visibility of websites on different search engines. As more and more people are now browsing websites on mobile devices, rather than using desktops/laptops, Google has made it mandatory for all entrepreneurs to make their sites responsive to mobile devices.

All modern websites are created with a mobile-first approach. This has increased the importance of Mobile SEO Strategy up to a great extent. If you optimize your website keeping the needs of mobile users in mind, visitors can easily find your site in the mobile search index.

All hardcore digital marketing professionals have to optimize several websites or web pages every day. They have to toil a lot to maintain the website ranking on all major search engines. Are you also among them? Want to have some respite while optimizing websites? Need some effective tools that could help you in Mobile-First SEO Strategy Development? If yes, then, go through the below-mentioned list:

#1. Sistrix

Sistrix seo tool

Sistrix is one of the best tools used by the majority of  SEO professionals. It is an all-inclusive tool which allows you to perform a number of SEO assignments easily and comfortably. With its help, you can easily measure the visibility of websites on Google. For this, the tool analyses a set of 1 million keywords 2 times a week in a market and keeps various actors in mind, such as search volume, overall CTR, etc. It also lets you analyze specific URLs or subdomains. Apart from Google search index, you can also use it to see your site’s performance on other leading search engines.

You can customize its main dashboard “Overview”. It offers key figures and visual cues instantly. On this same page, you can view the keyword rankings and focus on the keywords that are not performing as per your exception. It also provides important data for long-tail keywords, traffic, competition, ranking distribution, ideas, etc.

#2. SEMrush

SEMrush SEO tool

SEMrush comes with lots of features available in both free and paid versions. It offers graphs and mobile-specific SEO charts, allowing you to know more about the site’s performance. Using this tool, you can evaluate the performance of your website in the SERP of different search engines. The tool lets you know the mobile rankings of your website. Thus you can determine what you should do to increase the performance of your website and leave your competitors behind.

Using this tool, you can analyze the performance of the targeted keywords for both mobile and desktop rankings. The tool is focused on PPC and organic traffic. It helps you in your SEO exercise in many ways, such as the identification of the targeted keywords, tracking the keyword performance, analyzing the websites of competitors, measuring the volatility of SERP of search engines, etc.

#3. Botify


The rules and regulations of technical SEO keep changing from time-to-time. It makes the website optimization work a difficult task. However, with Botify, a lot of things become easier. Actually, It’s a search marketing analytics platform, which lets you understand the behaviour of search engines very well, perform SEO tricks accordingly, increase the organic traffic to your site, and multiply your revenues greatly.

Botify Analytics collects SEO data from a different ranking process of pages and allows you to keep an eye on the indexing, content quality, organic traffic, and crawlability of your website or its pages. All these allow you to know your weak points and make certain improvements to get the desired results. Apart from this, Botify Log Analyzer lets you understand how search engine bots treat your website.

#4. Mobile-Friendly Test

Mobile-Friendly Test

Launched by Google, the Mobile-Friendly test helps site owners to manage their sites on mobile platforms. You can simply put your site URL into the test and know whether your website is fit to be displayed on mobile devices or not. It creates a list of issues that are affecting the loading speed of your website or its pages. You can share those results with the web developer team and get the issued solved.

All website owners have to work smart and do a lot of things to ensure that their website is following Google’s mobile-friendly guidelines. Website speed a key factor that helps your website to be accessed by a large number of visitors and appear well in Google search results. You can take a number of steps to make your website faster.

With this tool, you can take screenshots of any mobile site issues. Moreover, you can download the report in detail totally free of cost. The New competitor analysis allows you to review the website of your competitors and know where are you lacking.

#5. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog

Are you new to technical SEO? Looking for a tool that could assist you to easily deal with technical SEO and get the desired results? If yes, then Screaming Frog is the best choice you can make. It’s a technical SEO analysis tool which allows you to review your website SEO from all angles and make the necessary changes to obtain the desired results.

If you think with a mobile-first approach for your website, technical SEO matters a lot. Screaming Frog offers you important reports on all these factors, such as title tags and meta descriptions. It is an important SEO toolkit for SEO professionals who optimize business websites, E-commerce websites. Using this tool, you can have a look at wide mobile SEO elements and fix them to make your site appear on the first page of Google when viewed from mobile devices.

Final Words:

Now, websites are built with a mobile-first approach to grab the huge business that comes from small screens. These are the top 5 tools which help you to craft a mobile-first SEO strategy easily and achieve the ultimate goals of your business.

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