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How to make money with adsense

With this fast pace moving and materialistic world, money certainly is almost everything. You need money to buy your first Computer, You need money to pay for your school fee and school materials. You need money to go on dating (nowaday, dating usually happen in a cool nice ambience restaurant which adds more to the cost of dating). You need money for travelling. Almost everything needs money. So how do people make money? Well, that’s why everyone have to work hard at school to have a decent jobs that earns them a big sum of money in the future. For some, the monthly income is rather hardly enough for their daily spending and hence they would ask themself “How could I make more money?“. For those who are technology savvy, the would ask themself ” How could I make more money without leaving my room?”.

“YES”,I said. It is possible to make money online without leaving your room. However, the process may not be very straight forward. In this how to make money online series, I would like to discuss “how to make money online with adsense”.

Google adsense is part of the google Content-Targeted Advertising program that was launch in the early 2003. It is probably the most successful targeted adverting program available. It is also a good choice of generating income from your site whether it is a small or large site.

How does google adsense work?

I’m sure you have tried google.com search engine before. And you may probably notice the column on the right hand side that says “Sponsored Links”? which shows relavant website that are related to your keyword you have just searched. The advertisers pay google some amount of money when their ads get clicked by a user.

Since the release of google adsense, you, as a websiter owner or publisher, now could display the same targetted ads on your own site or blog by just copying the javascript codes that google gives to you and pasting into your website or blog. ‘

You would earn some percentage of what the advertisers pay to google. Once the amount reach 100US$, cheque would be sent to you. It’s that simple.

Why google create adsense?

Initially before the advent of the google adsense, google earns the total cost of what advertisers pay to google. However, with the introduction of google adsense, google has to share some percentage with you (the publisher). So why would google want to share such a revenue?
Personally, I think it’s because google is very smart. The creation of the google adsense allows google to get better revenue, publishers to earn extra income and advertisers to get their site more exposure. It is a win-win-win situation i.e. Google wins, publisher wins and advertiser wins.

|- Good things about google adsense :

1- It is free to join.
2- It is easy to get accepted although your site is small i.e. less than 100 visitors a day.
3- the ads showing is very targetted i.e. if you site about travelling, the ads showing is more or less are about travelling and hence visitors to your site would tend to click on the ads.
4- very well known and definitely will pay you if you follow their terms and condition properly
5- It is easy to put up the source code into your webpage (Just a matter of copy and pasted)

||- Not so good things about google adsense:

1- You have to wait till you earn 100$ before they send you a cheque.
2- The tracking is not enough. You will never know which keyword gives you more earning.

That concludes my introduction to “How to make money online with google adsense”.

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