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Blog Commenting

How To Increase Traffic Through Blog Commenting?

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is one of the most effective medium to get more FREE referral traffic to the website. Majority of SEOs and webmasters follow and recommend this technique to build their website link popularity and build engagement with bloggers. Blog commenting can do wonders if done correctly but if you done mistakes, can be dangerous to your online reputation and can put in the list of Spammers.

Here are the tips which you can use to see some good uplifts in your web traffic through blog commenting – 

  1. Search high traffic bloggers – The first step in this process is to search your relevant theme bloggers on internet and list them in an excel file (for easy monitoring).  These bloggers should have some good web reputation and traffic on their blog posts. The traffic on their blogs / websites can be easily checked through online tools like alexa.com, google trends, compete etc.
  2. Read before you comment. Be relevant and try to start a good conversation. – Don’t do comment just for a sake of backlink. It will just not help you and others too! Please try to read before you comment on any blog post. When a blogger enables Comment section for the readers, he wants to have peoples response / thoughts on the matter and surely not a SPAM comment. It’s all about learning, sharing and joining within the community. Your value comment can encourage the blogger and other commenters to share something useful and authentic.
  3. Try to comment with a reference link – People always love to read something more interesting, relevant and useful to the context. So, try to be innovative and put some references (links) in your comment that can be useful to the visitors and other commenters.
  4. Make an engagement with other bloggers or commenters – Make some useful and thoughtful comments and try to quote other commenters within the blog post. It will show your activeness and willingness to participate in the discussion. People will join you and surely come to your reference website or blog to see your work.

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