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How to Create A Micro Niche Site Paid by the Affiliate?

Have you ever heard of the MFA (Made For AdSense)? Pre-designed sites or blogs, optimized to receive advertisements from Google AdSense. These advertisements have much more trouble to thrive today because for a site to be profitable with advertising, it should not hurt its traffic. And if you are in a niche market (or you’re interested to be in one), selling a product might be more profitable than going for advertisements.

micro niche site

This is where you can totally create a niche business site. Different niche blogs or sites, paid through advertising, membership and selling products.

I will explain this method, and how to you can build the same type of site on the internet to start or to have an online income.

The method to create profitable niche site

A niche site is a site that caters to a portion of the market. And this niche will be targeted, with the best-selling product if possible. Be sure to make the theme and the feeling of the website as targeted as possible, and not just a general one.

Step 1: Find the niche

Look to people’s different needs on the Internet. Prefer information products, that will be much more profitable for you as an affiliate, and easier to manage. You must choose your theme based on the product or products you wish to sell. There must be people who post on the forums, “How do such and such a thing? “For you to find a market. First locate the products you want to sell before starting the next step.

Step 2: Create the site

Book a domain name with your primary keyword, install WordPress and all necessary plugin, and install a professional theme (Invest in a premium theme for a more unique design). The first time it may take you some time to grasp if you’re new, but later you will be done in 20 minutes. You’ll find tons of tutorials on YouTube how to install WordPress on your site.

To install plugins read this article:- Top 10 WordPress SEO plugins

Step 3: Search for keywords

This is the main and most important step to create a micro niche blog or site, because if you have right keywords to promote then your success is guaranteed in micro niche blogging. So be careful when choosing keywords for your niche. I suggest you to choose keywords which have high searches from U.S.A. and U.K. because CPC is very high for these countries comparison to other countries. You can use the various keyword searching tool from Google to this task, try to guess the words your future readers will tap on Google. And note the keywords with low competition but having already some search volume. You can then fill all the data in an excel file. I would like to recommend you SEMRUSH which is the best organic keyword searching tool. With the help of this tool you can steal the keywords of your competitors which are already ranking on #1 in Google. In this way you can find top ranked and highly searched keywords in minutes without any hard work.

Step 4: Content writing

This is the 2nd most important part of micro niche blogging after the keyword searching. You should be able to write very high quality, unique and minimum of 500 words article for each keyword you have chosen. For example you have a list of top 20 keywords of your niche then you must write unique article for every keyword. It will take only 1 to 2 hours for each article to write. If you do not have time to write or do not know how to write then you can use a service to outsource your articles. Now, schedule these publications from 2 to 3 publications per week (you can do this automatically with WordPress), to keep some consistency in the eyes of search engines.

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Step 5: Email marketing tool

Install some sort of email marketing plugin to allow visitors to enter their email in exchange for a gift. The gift, can be a series of free videos, a PDF, free theme or e-book etc. I recommend to use AWEBER which is the best and cheap email marketing tool available on the internet. You can join Aweber only for $1 for your first month. Then prepare a series of follow-up emails of 10 to 20 to send your free or paid affiliate products and a link to the product sales page. Of course, this is where you’ll definitely choose the product for sale. You can choose from the list of products on ShareASale, Clickbank or other independent affiliate program.

Step 6: Back Links

To improve the ranking position of your website, once you have published some twenty or thirty articles, contact a few sites in your market/niche for link exchanges. If possible, sites with quite some positioning. It will improve your position on search engines. If you want to go a little further, publish articles as guest post on other blogs, and publish royalty free articles on press releases sites. Insert links to your pages (sections) of the blog, to improve their ranking.

That’s it!

There are obstacles in between these methods, technical details, but if you follow these directions you will see the results for yourself. You have generated a site that runs almost automatically, and you can generate additional income.

Then you can outsource new articles, post 1 product per month to maintain SEO, and schedule for the next 3 years to see more results. Feel free to make adjustments, and to make split-testing to improve your conversion rate!

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