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Google’s social network Google plus takes direct aim at Facebook

Google announced a new social network, called Google +, which aims to take on Facebook.
The big announcement of launching Google+, or Google plus is a new version of a social network to rival Facebook.indexGoogle has been trying to break the social market for years, running into bad starts with content-sharing services Google Wave and Buzz. Many have been waiting for Google’s huge push into social when it rolled out its +1 button, especially as Facebook gets relaxed with its search rival, Microsoft.

And now, Google announced +. The site bears an outstanding similarity to Facebook, with streaming feeds and specialized groups of friends. In fact, Google+ has many of the features of existing social networks.

It has five main components: Circles, Hangouts, Sparks, Instant Uploads and Huddle. It also needs a Google profile at minimum with a name and a photo.

Circle lets you group you contacts e.g. family, friends. This feature will let you share information with groups of contacts. Sparks acts like an RSS reader as Facebook news feed. Hangouts features live group video chats, aiming to promote impulsive meetings with up to 10 people.

Instant Uploads takes care of the important mobile aspect of social networking, posting users’ phone pictures and videos to an album. Here, users can decide with whom they want to share their media.

Huddle is a group texting feature similar to Beluga which Facebook acquired that lets you have a group chat via you phone.

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