Does Unique Content Really Matter?

I’ve read a lot about having unique content and how it effects your
search engine rankings.

So I did an experiment a while back with two blogs.

Blog A had some else’s articles re-posted (with credit back to them
of course)

Blog B had 100% unique content on it – Remember that Copyscape

The Results:

Blog B gets 373% more traffic to it from the search engines.

But here’s an interesting side note:  Blog A the one with the
copied content on it still gets 17% of its traffic from search.

So what’s the experiment tell me?

Unique content will get you more traffic from the search engines,
but if it’s not 100% unique you will still get SOME search engine

Sometimes when you read about using unique content you might think
if it’s not unique you won’t get any search traffic.  I’ve found
that to not be the case.

Just thought I’d share that little bit of info with you.  Hopefully
it will give you a little bit of an idea how much having unique
content can help with your search traffic.

Author: Kerry Tiwana

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