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Clinically Proven SEO

While this may seem like beating a dead horse, there are still many questions about what is the test of time and proven to work in search engine optimization.

Both because of the secretive nature and nuts to make seo, many times the truth is hard to find. So, here is an attempt to list what is known to work for SEO purposes.

Meta Tags –
True – Google does not trust them to improve their ranking, but other search engines use them as a starting point to classify your site.

Page title –
This tells the search engine what your page is supposed to be about.

Content –
Obviously, you need to match content related to the title page for an opportunity to achieve and maintain top positions on search engines.

H1 Tag –
Whatever your title page is called, that key sentence is within the H1 tag on that page. Also, make sure you only use one H1 tag per page.

Naming your web files-
Try to use keywords when naming your files. Also, use the hyphen instead of underscore when creating files.

SiteMap –
Even if your site is only 5 pages, always use a site map. This way you can ensure that search engines find all pages on your site.

Robots file –
This is a simple file that tells search engines where they can go to their site. Do not store anything sensitive in this file as the hackers will look at the robots file to see what they are trying to keep hidden.

Error Handling –
Always use a 404 error page handling. Each time a search engine user or accidentally misspell a URL or try to go snooping around the site should be taken to this page. Also, you must place the navigation map on this page too.

Image optimization –
In your case, you must use the ALT tag to describe images.

These are proven methods for its strategy of search engine optimization. Be sure to take advantage of these basics to get your site ahead of the competition!   Vietstarsoft.com

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