Breathe Trust In Your Brand With These 9Productive Social Media Tactics

To build a company, you need a brick and mortar building. However, to build a brand, you need a dominating social media presence. And that ultimately will build the brand trust that makes people love your brand, speak volume about it and stay genuinely loyal to it for generations to come.

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Since a huge sum of the marketing budget is now,usually, being spent on digital campaigns, it is high timeto take yourflighttowards the ever-growing hub of social media.

Ever since the social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have tightened their clutches in the market and thus occupied a permanent space in their users’ heart, the significance of a social presence has become even more vital than ever.

Now the question remains, “how do you propose to build a presence in this already crammed digital space?” To know that answer, let’s take a look at the following 4 productive techniques that will empower your brand to penetrate the competition and instigate brand trust that ultimately results in consumer loyalty.

#1. Use the Power of Live Streaming

Statista conducted a survey in 2017 to evaluate the viability of live streaming. According to the source, the market size of live streaming increased up to 28% over the course of nine months on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The figure proves the potency of live streaming as a powerful marketing tool to position your brand.

Today, you can use the power of live streaming videos to promote a brand. For example, you can drum up an upcoming product that you are going to roll out. Similarly, you can show the people the work culture of your company. And you can share behind-the-scenes of your production facility where your products are being manufactured. All these things can play a role in raising your brand awareness.

#2. Connect on a Personal Level

Branding doesn’t mean marketing your product 24/7, spamming leads with discount offers, purchase calls or other sorts of call-to-action. Branding means nurturing a bond with the target audience at an intimate level that they can rely on and entrust their feelings with. The only way to do that is by listening closely to the problems of your consumers and offering them solutions accordingly.

To put your finger on the pulse of your consumers and their problems, you need to be 100% attentive as to what communities or networks they use to seek instant solutions. Plus, you also need to have the finest skills in effective communication.

#3. Engage With Influencer Marketers

Influencer marketing is a game-changer that is going to shape the future of social media marketing. Today, influencers have the power to make or break any brand in a matter of days. Based on a survey by Statista, 25% of social media marketers and brand strategists believe that influencer marketing can accelerate digital transformations by 2020.

For any brand, influencer marketers can serve as a voice to reach their target audience and spread the word about their products or services. So if you want to scale your brand then you should connect with more social media influencers who have the knowledge and skills to increase the exposure of your brand.

#4.Create Thought Leadership

The best way to build a brand or its trust is by letting your audience knows that you are an established leader in the industry. To set up that leadership, you need to share your expertise with your audience.

To do that you may create a company blog where you can share expert insights into the problems that your target audience usually face and offer them free solutions to those problems. The more you establish your position as an expert in your industry, the more leads you get to generate.

#5.Engage at an Intimate Level

People join social networks to get to know others, make friends and have a long and interesting discussion with them. Basically, they want to discuss their problems, ideas or thoughts with others to listen to their response.

This behavior of the users is used as a golden opportunity by expert marketers and they capitalize on it by interacting with their target audience and engaging with them at a more personal level. That way you are not only able to offer comfort to the target audience but also leave a lasting impression on them, which ultimately results in brand trust.

#6.Leverage From User-Generated Content (UGC)

The social media users are agroup of people who can be your source to promote your brand. Every day, people share thousands of posts, memes, reviews, and comments on social media profiles of brands. All this content can create a strong voice of your brand.

#7.Promote Your Social Media Profiles

After you have built a sizable number offollowers on one social media network, you need to share the profile of other social media profiles on that website. No one is going to know about your brand unless you become accessible for them and sharing your profile is one way you can do that.

#8.Humanize Your Posts

When people connect with you on social media, they want to see you as a human and not as a machine behind those profiles.In order to make more people engage with your brand, you need to come across as a real human who has a specific personality.

Taco Bell, Uber, andDelloite are some good examples of the big companies who use the human element in their brand to reach out to their target audience.

#9.Build a Consistent Voice

Successful social media branding is about creating a consistent voice. It is about getting heard in the noise of other brands and stand out among them. To become that voice, you need to be particular about what you post on your social media profiles and make sure that it complements the overall personality of your brand.

Final Thoughts…

Remember that branding is the most important job for a marketer, and thanks to the social networks these days, this job is becoming less time consuming and more fruitful than ever. The only job for you, as a marketer, to do is find where your audience is, interact with them, form a personal bond with them and build trust in their heart.

Author Bio:- IshikaAgarwal is a Brand Strategist, Blogging Guru, and Academic Researcher at Coursework Writers UK Magazine. Being a digital marketing expert, she can help any business boost its brand. As an educator, she is a trusted source for many students to get research materials for their projects. She is a reading nerd and likes to interact with people on social media.

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