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5 Social media mistakes: Prevention is always better than cure!

social-media-companiesEvery invention is brilliant. How useful or harmful it is a factor of how we put it to use. When used positively embodied in sheer human sense and instinct, any technology can work wonders. When the same technology is used casually without the sufficient outlook into its future effects, it can prove to be useless, avoiding the bitter part that it can be rather disastrous. Let us take the example of the social media. The social platform is being increasingly used by enterprises and businesses for promoting themselves and netting in the maximum number of prospective clients. With absolutely no doubt about the fact that promotion on the social platform can lead to huge profits, probably it is known to be so social, the fact that reckless and mindless use of the social media can make a business lose on its customers cannot be overlooked.

Given below are the five most common ways in which businesses wrongly use the social media and get totally unexpected results.

Firstly, almost every newly erupting business and every existent business today makes sure that it is present on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but possibly none of them is actually strategically focused as to what they actually wish to get out of it. Just being registered on a networking site and regularly updating any company advancement does not really work, on the other hand, customers tend to get confused, or rather get smarter. How? Of course it’s because they get the chance to compare their entire brands just on one platform.

Secondly, interaction with customers is a must for any business. This is a practice that is seldom done. Organizations continue to pop themselves up, which more than often becomes an irritation, rather than a source of information. Instead, if a visitors group be maintained and they be invited for interactive product sessions, supposedly then they would really become interested in the company. The next step would accomplish itself through word of mouth.

Thirdly, always talking in a professional tone is not very useful. It is monotonous for the customer to open the page of the organization and read the same news about how much the market share has increased and how many new products have been introduced. It would be refreshing sometimes to discuss things which matter to the customer the most. When it is a social media, it would definitely be sense to make it social instead of hard core professional.

Next, companies sometimes do not actually know about what they are talking. They are there just because their competitors are there. There is practically no sense in being present just for the sake of being present. It can be harmful, considering the fact that it can sometimes confuse the prospective customer. Not speaking about yourself in the appropriate way and not projecting yourself with sufficient energy can give wrong notions to your customers.

The last and the most apparent mistake that many businesses unknowingly commit is that they quote the prices of their products on the media quite too quickly. The thing to note here is that quoting a price before giving a sufficient description about your product and more importantly, knowing whether the person visiting your page is interested in the specified product is a severely wrong practice. Leave apart being good, it is harmful because then the customer loses inclination to know about it.

Social media is a very crucial platform. While it can take businesses to new heights, even an innocent and ignorant mistake is enough to mar it. Care should be taken to avoid such hiccups.

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