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10 Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tools You Should Start Using Today

Conversion rate optimization or CRO has been in the limelight for the last couple of years. Although experts usually talk about SEO or SMO, CRO has proven to be crucial for the longevity of our internet company. It shows us actual successfulness of a website and how visitors react to its content.

These tools help us establish how long visitors stay on our website, do they share our content, do they comment on our pages etc. It is a great way to learn why something is successful and why certain things don’t get enough attention.

                Here is our list of less-known CRO tools that you should start using as soon as possible.

  1. Heap Analytics

I couldn’t even imagine running a website without the support of Heap Analytics. When it comes to internet tools, this is probably among the best ones to track user clicks and conversion. This powerful tool is able to track all clicks and submission on your website capturing every action that occurs. It provides a lot of help when determining causalities in visitors’ behaviour.

Price: The tool comes with a free and custom pricing. Contact the support for price details.

  1. Woopra

While Google Analytics is great on a macro level, Woopra is amazing on a micro-level. This tool helps us establish a relationship between visitors and our website. It shows us how visitors reached your website in the first place and which path did they take. It is a great way to perform A/B testing and it gives you pretty accurate data. However, one of the best things about it is that it tracks visitors across digital touchpoints.

Price: Free – $1200+ per month

  1. Clicktale

As its name implies, this tool is a great way to establish where your visitors are clicking. It shows the hot spots on your website. With it, you can determine which pages are most visited and you can funnel traffic towards them. Clicktale is a great tale to rearrange the structure of your website, emphasize money pages while downplaying things that are not as interesting to your visitors.

Price: It is based on the solution you buy. Contact ClickTale for a custom quote.

  1. Intercom

Unlike previously mentioned analytical tools, Intercom is more of proactive software. It establishes a connection between website visitors and yourself. With it, you can chat with them, ask them for feedback or if they need anything. Additionally, it gives you a shared inbox with your team and allows you to analyze potential customers.

Price: from $49 /month

  1. Survey Monkey

Another feedback tool, Survey Monkey is a great way to perform surveys on your website. You can use it to create internet forms where you can ask up to 10 questions and get 100 responses. This is an amazing program that can take you to the next level. It has proven to be a great way to analyze your products, their flaws and advantages and how people react to them.

Price: Free – 900 euro/ user/ year

  1. A/B Tasty

This tool is one of the simplest ones on the list. It is used for A/B testing and it has two main parts: edits and reports. Reports help you analyze various data and determine how visitors behave on your website. Furthermore, it allows you to separate certain data and approach is solo. Editor is great as it allows you to use any variation and to modify it accordingly.

Price: Starting from 199 euro/month

  1. me

Great software for A/B testing, it has shown excellent results when paired with Google Analytics. The tool is pretty simplistic and almost anyone can use it without prior knowledge. When it comes to payment, company will charge you based on a number of tests you perform and not based on number of visitors.

Price: Starting from as low as $14/ month

  1. Effective Experiments

When managing your CRO, things can get a little dicey. There are too many processes and plans you have to keep in mind and sometimes, it can become overbearing. With this tool, you are able to store all your plans in one spot and manage them accordingly.

Price: Request for a demo account

  1. Formisimo

Some websites are highly dependable on internet forms. However, there are only a few tools that are covering the topic. Formisimo is definitely among the best options. As experts describe it, it’s same as Google Analytics but for forms. With Formisimo, you are able to analyze forms on your website and optimize them afterwards.

Price: From 45 EUR / month to POA

  1. Kampyle

This is one of the simplest and yet, the most extensive tools used to monitor customer behaviour. It is a powerful form builder, it can be used to analyze your visitors, to engage them as well as help you with your e-commerce.

                Price: Request a demo

When it comes to CRO tools, it is hard to say which one is better. Every tool has some specific traits that no other tools possess. On the other hand, if a tool cannot provide enough data, it can make it up through the simplicity of the interface.

Price of the tools is yet another important factor you should consider. As with the prices of SEO packages, the cost of each CRO tool should be in conformity with the expected ROI. After all, one should make enough money so that he/she can afford any of these CRO products.

Best way to approach them is to try them all (or as much as you can) and determine which one suits you the best. In most cases, you will probably use several of them at the same time.


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