Coin-Operated SEO

When you think of anything Coin-Operated, most people think of something that you put money in it, and you get a standard result. The current system does not change, regardless of the outcome.

Therefore, if you buy “Coin-Op” SEO somewhere, this company can only have a set list of action items that lead out to your site to sign the contract.

While there are some things that all companies must do SEO for your site, make all of them;

* Make changes to the labels of the title?
* Add or modify any meta tags?
* Create map (s), one for the site, and one for the search engines?
* Suggest any change in file name?
* E-site architecture?
* Ensure the proper handling of error measures are in place?
* Make sure the keywords are present in all levels of the site?

Not all SEO companies do these things, and there are some companies that will do more. But, as a measure of the definition of the selected company for internet marketing, should have some sort of checklist to ensure that the above items are addressed.

Author: Kerry Tiwana

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